Security B-Sides MSP 2015

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Security B-Sides MSP 2015, a FREE, 100% community organized, educational, security and technology conference being held in Minneapolis running from 9am to 4pm on Saturday June 13th and Sunday June 14th, 2015. The goal of BSidesMSP is to grow a critical mass of security and technology literacy and awareness here in the North.

This years general themes are Information Sharing, Cyber Intelligence and
Capacity Building in the area of Cyber Security Education.
This year our opening keynote will be by:

Get involved! Be a volunteer, lead a track or present, sponsor the event


The general BSidesMSP email address is:
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Meeting of the Minds

On February 26th the core team, our documentary team, new and long term sponsors and friends got together to eat, drink and talk about the future of BSidesMSP 2015. Help us meet the mission of making a free and comprehensive security and technology conference. Help us build a critical mass of security and technology skills here in the North. Learn more about BSidesMSP 2015, what we are doing and be a a part of shaping where we're going. Our slide can be found here.

Call for Presentations


Call for Volunteers

Join in the action, we're looking for volunteers passionate about educating.

Be active in your security and technology community, meet great people, work alongside industry experts in a variety of industries, learn new skills, experience the joy of actively putting on a successful event!

100% Education

Security and Technology remain hot industries in need of skilled professionals and new research. BSidesMSP is focused on education first and is always interested in new approaches to the delivery of technology training. We pride ourselves in being open to newcomers and friendly to the curious. We welcome presentations from solo presenters, experienced teams and are actively seeking Train the Trainer tracks.

Job Fair Networking and Talent <-> Team Connections

Are you looking for security professionals? Are you a security professional looking for a team? Let us help make the connection through our Job Fair in April and Job Track in June. Meet employers and your future employees in your community.

Call for Sponsors

We're looking for sponsors that are interested in actively participating in making BSidesMSP 2015 another successful year. There are no sponsor tiers this year; let us know how you can contribute and what you'd like in return, we'll find a win-win middle ground. Let's get creative! Sponsorship is for the whole year of events, give us a banner and we'll set it up!

What is Security B-Sides MSP?

Our Goal.

Our 2014 Successes.

2014 Participants.

Call for Presentations

Multiple Tracks

Choose your format

Hands-on, lecture & demo

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Our Core Team and Track Leads

Ron Fresquez
Education Outreach & CFP Review

Ron wears many hats in BSidesMSP however his primary role in 2014 was speaker wrangler and this year is leading our education outreach and wrangling our presenters. When he's not doing BSidesMSP, he's building new mainframe talent.

Nick Ries
Volunteer Coordinator

Nick is the Security B-Sides MSP volunteer coordinator again in 2015 and he is an electrician by trade.

Amanda Hull
Venue Coordinator

Amanda is responsible for encouraging this abomination of a web page, and was our Chief Food Officer and Venue Coordinator in 2014 and will be doing the same this year. Amanda is a professional pastry chef.

Phil Reno
Safety Team Lead

Phil was a safety team 2014 volunteer and is running the safety team this year. Phil is a security viking.

David LaBelle
Outreach and Marketing

David was a an active 2014 volunteer and is running outreach and marketing this year. David is a security architect.

Brian Fackler
Capture the Flag

Fackler was an active volunteer in 2014 and showed his dedication to safety through the BSides Reg Ramp. This year he's leading the Capture the Flag and Hacker Fair events! Fackler is a security consultant.

Pascale Platzhalter
Hands on Lab

Leading a hands-on lab at BSidesMSP 2015

Lou Ann Jensen
Parking and Safety

Lou Ann is leading this years parking effort.

Matthew J. Harmon

Matthew is the idjit who wrote this ridiculous website and is organizing BSidesMSP 2015 and lead BSidesMSP 2014. In his non-BSidesMSP time Matthew is a security researcher, technical risk assessor and educator.

2014 Documentary

BSidesMSP 2014 Mini Documentary

Due to funds availability in 2014, we only did a short documentary of the big event. This year we're documenting the entire 2015 process from start to finish. Help support our crowdfunding of this effort! Contact David with ideas or contributions.

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